What is Cashless?

Cashless is an electronic payment service designed to make payments at festivals, concerts and events quicker and more efficient.
Use of the payment service includes a contactless RFID card used to pay for all items purchased around the venue. The Cashless card can be topped up on designated top up stations around the venue or online, using a debit- or credit card.
  • Use of the payment service costs NOK 50,- and includes a contactless Cashless card
  • The validity period for use of the service and the card is one calender year. The card can be used at any arrangement in Norway using the Cashless® system - click here for a full list of this years arrangements.
  • Funds loaded at one arrangement, can be used for purchases at other Cashless arrangements until 31st December within the same year.
  • Remaining balance can be refunded at any time without charge*. An administration fee of NOK 10 per month will be deducted from any remaining balance after the cards validity period (e.g. after 31st December the year of purchase) until such a time as the balance has been refunded.
  • Register your card here and see exactly what you have purchased during the event.


Benefits for the Cardholders:

  • Fast and efficient payments - no need to count your change or wait for card transactions to be authorized with every purchase. Simply hand over your pre-filled card and within less than a second your transaction will be completed.
  • Can be used on a number of different events.
  • Easy to top-up with Debit/Credit card at a number of onsite stations, and cash too at a limited number of points (we accept Visa, Mastercard, Bankaxept and Maestro cards), or online here.
  • You can top-up and refund the card as many times as you want within the validity period of the card.
  • Unlike bank cards which take time to be approved and rely on a stable connection to the bank to authorize your purchases – if you have money on your Cashless card, you can use it.


Adding funds to your card:

  • Go to one of the designated Cashless stations on the venue
  • Place card in the reader (you will receive a card from a staff member if you don’t have one from before) and select Deposit
  • Select the amount you would like to fill onto your card
  • Place your bank card in the bank terminal, enter your PIN code and press OK
  • Wait for confirmation that the funds have been added to your card and select whether or not you would like a receipt.
  • Enjoy the festival


Making purchases with the card:

  • Order as usual from the bar/sales stand. The products and total will be shown on the customer display of the cash register
  • Hand over your Cashless card and within a second the payment is complete
  • Take back your card, your goods and ENJOY


Refunding your card:

As the balance is stored inside the card itself this needs to be emptied before we can transfer your funds. For this you need to visit any of the top-up stations on the venue and collect a refund receipt.
  • Put your card in the reader
  • Select ‘Refund’ instead of ‘Deposit’ from the screen
  • Confirm that you want to refund the card
  • The register will then print out a refund receipt which connects YOUR remaining amount to YOUR card
  • Register the refund code on the receipt online. See below. 


Refunds to Norwegian accounts:

  • Create an account on www.cashless.com if you don’t have one already
  • Select ‘ Refunder’ from the front screen
  • Register your Cashless card here (the number can be found on your refund receipt, or on the back of your cashless card).
  • Click on the refund icon next to your card and when prompted enter your refund code (this is case sensitive, so pay attention to lowercase and uppercase letters).
  • Enter your 11 digit Norwegian account number
  • You have now completed the process and you will receive the funds in your account within the next few days.

If you have forgotten to take out a refund receipt, follow the same procedure as above – you will then create a form which will need to be sent to us together with your card.  We will then empty the balance from the card and transfer the funds to the account specified on the form.

Refund to foreign accounts:

As there are different systems for transfers in each country, it’s not possible for us to automate this process. Complete your information in the relevant form:

If you have a refund receipt click here

If you do not have a refund receipt, click here

You will need both an IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and the SWIFT/BIC code for your bank. These can be obtained by taking contact with your bank*.

* While we make no charges for the refund process, our bank makes a charge of NOK 35,- for all foreign transfers.  This will be deducted from the amount prior to transfer.